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The Brown Bag Cafe Story


Food for the Soul

We're from the little old town of Adairsville, Georgia. As far as we can remember, cooking has always been in our blood. Growing up, we were raised among great cooks, chefs, bakers, and pitmasters. Some of our fondest memories consisted of joining our mother, Maryann, who would teach us how to bake and cook dinner for our large family or take us to church for a fish fry.


We would visit our grandmother Inez, who could turn a simple bologna sandwich into a gourmet snack and a picture-perfect Reuben or club sandwich into the best meal. Our family would occasionally hang out at our Uncle Milton's Cafe back in the day where we would experience the greatest BBQ made on his homemade grills.

His sister, our grandmother Eva Jo also known as BooBoo to her grandchildren, was a great cook to some of Georgia's former governors, such as George Busbee, Joe Frank Harris, and Zell Miller. She was chosen out of many applicants with culinary and educational backgrounds simply because she cooked the perfect pot of green beans that wasn't crunchy.


Some of our work has been enjoyed by catering for the Adairsville Chamber of Commerce, local dinner theaters, weddings, anniversaries, and large group gatherings. It is our heart's desire to honor those who have prepared the way for our generation of cooks to carry on the legacy. Food has been our life and our passion. We love to cook, serve, and eat “food for the soul.”

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Made to Order &
Delivered at Your Door

With honor to God, and with our warm-hearted service, provide casual dining in an unforgettable relaxed atmosphere, offering good comfort food with stellar service aimed at pleasing palates through freshness and quality. We are more than a cafe, but a place to reminisce, relax, and enjoy good company

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